Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogger Police have released me!

A couple days ago I posted the music video below. Then I went to make another post above it explaining the video (now posted). When I tried to post it I had a note from blogger that their spam robots had picked up on my blog as potential spam (thanks a lot) and it was locked for a couple days until it could be reviewed by one of their humans (no joke: robots and humans were their words, not mine). It seems that the verdict is in and after review and a couple days wait the blogger jury has come to the verdict that I'm NOT GUILTY.
Freedom at last!
While frustrated at being locked out of my own blog I had to remind myself that I'm able to blog on blogger free of charge and it is a privilege not a right. So, thank you blogger for being available for me to be able to connect with my family and friends for free and for protecting our accounts from problems: I will not complain about the wait.

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