Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is the day that the Lord has made

I must confess... the very first few days in Haiti (while it included some great moments) were very very difficult for me. I could not sleep on the red eye so went all night before we arrived without any sleep (usually a trigger for a seizure for me). My body hurt all over from luggage hauling, travel, and hours upon hours of bumpy tap tap. Plus the added stress and frustrations of the missing suitcases! Lovenie was sick and clingy and for the first few nights woke up again and again so I didn't get much sleep for the first few days. I felt seperated from the group because Lovenie was so fussy that I could not get near them for devotionals, finding out what the plans were, or any other reason because Lovenie was so loud and fussy no one would be able to hear each other if I joined in. It was really tough. I often fought the urge to just walk into the bathroom, lock the door behind me and just have a really good cry. I had one moment at the end of another tough day that I just fell onto the bed and laid there a moment. Jude came over and curled up next to me, gave me his big sweet grin and began to sing to me in english. He sang to me "This is the day that the Lord has made." I of course couldn't help but smile and it lifted my spirits in huge ways. I look forward to the day that I am able to communicate to Jude how much that meant to me. Even if they were tough days, they were also filled with the most amazing blessings and adventures and it is a day that the Lord has made... That makes it a really good day!

Because I knew that the kids must know how to sing this song along in English we sang it in the back of a packed tap tap and their big smiles were so precious. They wanted to sing this song for their Daddy. The problem was that the electricity was out and it was their last night with me at the guest house. (the goodbye tears had already started that night) I had hoped to get them to sing the song again in the daylight but with the next day being busy and heavy in the sadness of our goodbyes it was hard to think again about singing. Please see the video bellow for some very sweet singing by Stephanie and Jude, with Jacques trying to hold a lantern to light the video. You can't see them but hopefully the sound of their singing and giggles will be enough of a delight!

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