Friday, July 06, 2007

Entertainment for the children of HFC

Entertainment For the Children of Hope For the Children of Haiti!
Around 50 DVD movie collection, More then 20 Playstation 2 games, Playstation 2 game system, and 26" flat LCD TV-- Thanks to the help of many people!

They have no idea why they were called together in this room. We had the presents covered and they were wondering what was going on. BTW- The really cute little boy in the orange shirt is our son Jude.

Still waiting: What are these blaze blans (crazy white people) up to anyways?

I had the honor of having Claudette (Dr. Bernard's sweet wife) translate for me. To see the kids reaction click on this link:

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LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

I LOVED IT! Brought tears to my eyes and makes me wish to be back there hugging and loving the kids again.
The young boy in the white shirt towards the back looked like he would pass out.hehe
I wish I could have been there with you guys. Maybe this next time!
LOve ya,
LeAnne The Haiti Lady