Friday, July 06, 2007

Home from Haiti with exciting news!!!!!!

Reunited with our children (minus Vilner). We are on the stairs of the gorgeous Bethel Guest House where we were so very spoiled!

The team: Adoptive Parents Mission Team 2007
From all over the country, made up of adoptive mothers and their family and friends

Hi Friends,
We got home after 11PM last night so I am still catching up on some rest but could not wait to share some of the most exciting news about the trip. Stephanie and Lovenie have made it out of second legal!!! What does that mean? They are legally our daughters! Jude is following close behind as his paperwork is being finished up in second legal. It's so exciting to finally have some of them have our last name and be recognized as our legal children! Now we wait for passports (could still be a while) so that we can bring them home!

Other HUGE news is about Lovenie. I shared with you all just a few posts ago about our concern for her health. One look at her picture and you get an idea of why we are concerned. I saw her just 2 months ago and shared that due to her stroke she had a totally blank look in her eyes and didn't smile, laugh, or cry. She wasn't alert and didn't really respond to anything. Our last update picture of her had us really worried so we continued to pray and asked you all to pray with us. Well, If it had not looked just like her I would have thought they gave me the wrong baby. She has totally changed. Praise God!!!! The blank look in her eyes is totally gone. She's alert, playful, and for the first time I witnessed her cry real tears, made her smile for the first time, and then even got her to laugh a couple times. It was nothing short of a miracle! Amazing!!! She was extremely attached to me and someone on our team nicknamed her velcro baby because I could not put her down or hand her off to someone else without her screaming (exhausting and encouraging). She called me Mama over and over again and a few times I could tell she was trying to say words and one time even sounded like she was singing. Praise God again and again and thank you for your prayers!!!

More to come: I have SO many exciting pictures, stories, and video to share that should be coming soon. For now I need to rest.


Kez said...

Jacques is smiling! How in the world did you manage that? And why is Steph in her school uniform?

Amy said...

Um, what's the word I'm looking for...WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and PRAISE GOD!!!! (OK, that's two) Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


Ericka said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!
Angela, do you think she was just in "protective" mode before and has KNOWS with absolute certainity she has a mama who loves her unconditionally???
I witnessed this with Ruthlande here. I was SO worried for her that she was so sad and scared that she wouldn't will herself to get better. Praise God she did and now laughs, smiles and TALKS!!!!!
I swear my heart breaks for these little ones.
I can't WAIT to see pictures with her smiling!!!
I love the picture of you with your kids!
I'm so glad you had a great trip, I hope you felt the prayers and love sent with you :)
Get some 'peep' as my kids say for sleep and I'll keep checking back for more pix.
SO glad you are home safe and your heart overflowingly full!!! I can feel it from here!!!!!
Hugs and much love!!!!

LeAnne said...

Can you tell me who the people in the pic's are. I am curios to know everyone since I know you, Ange, Karla, Kim S.....
LOve ya,

Amy said...

Yeah, I want to be able to match faces with names too! It feels much more personal that way on the group.


Angela said...

Thanks for celebrating with us! We are so excited. Now we are waiting for Jude's papers to catch up and we will move forward.

Se'm- I had me a little chat with Jacques about how much I love it when he smiles for a picture. No Mango threats were involved. He's been smiling in them all ever since... I love that boy!! Steph is just wearing a blue shirt not her uniform but I can see how it looks that way. All play, no school!

Amy said...

You have such beautiful kids, Angela! Makes my heart melt!


Phil & Linda said...

So glad to hear that your trip was successful and you got to see your kids (what great news about Lovenie!!!!)

I can't wait to here the other details...


Kathy said...

I can only imagine the strides Lovenie will make when you get her home!!Your kids are beautiful!I can feel the love you have for them just reading your post.