Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation

Some of the HFC Boys at the kindergarten graduation

More of the HFC boys at graduation: I know there are several adopting Mom's and friends of these boys that will be thrilled to see their handsome faces!!!! :)

Our gorgeous sons at the graduation: Jude and Jacques.

The graduation was held in a huge room and it was packed! Standing room only. We found out us American visitors were saved seats in the front rows- it was such an honor!

Dr. Bernard (director of HFC and NLL) giving his inspirational speech: I have no clue what he was saying but I'm sure it was great. ;)

Congratulations Kindergarten Class of 2007!!!
Are they adorable or what?

Where do I even begin in describing the K graduations? It was unbelievable how much effort and celebration went into it! Two of my nieces (Ange's daughters, who's children are blood related cousins of our children) were among the graduates and it was such a joy to get to see them graduate and I can't even imagine how precious it was for Ange to be there to see it. It was some party!!! Take a moment to view the absolutely adorable video from Graduation, especially adoptive parents of K graduating kids... I hope seeing this will be a great blessing to you!

For the unbelievably cute closing of the ceremony click here:

There were some really great dances done at the ceremony here are a couple of them:

This one is so adorable and done by little girls (may have been some of the kindergartners)

This one is of some of the older girls of HFC


Athena said...

Hi Angela,
I am having trouble putting in titles on my blog as well. I read this on and it worked. "Instead of positioning the mouse pointer in the vertical center of the Title (or Link) box, as is normal, you have to move the pointer upwards very carefully. With the pointer positioned just below the top edge of the box, the pointer will turn into the standard insert icon, and you can click in the box, and start typing." I hope this helps.
I am so thankful your blogging. You have a beautiful family!
Love & Miss ya,

Julie said...


Thanks for posting these photos and videos. David, Beverly and I were late as neither child was ready to leave the orphanage. They both needed to be dressed and Beverly's hair had to be done. I was in the back of the room and couldn't really see ~

ange said...

That is my Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!