Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Moments with our children!

My dear friend Ange, one of my niece's, and Ange's Mother In-Law. A candid moment within the first hour of Ange and daughters reuniting and Candy meeting her granddaughters for the first time- see them all smiling. I thought it was sweet and had to take a picture.
Our precious friend Emmanuel! We asked the kids to find him so we could see and hug on him soon after we got there. He is SUCH a wonderful kid! Debbie and I have been praying for him for many months and both felt we had a God given love towards him. It was quite emotional for her to meet him for the first time and for me to see him again. We adore him and want all of God's best in his life. It was so good to see and hug this sweetheart again!

As Debbie stepped off the tap tap all the parents tore off (admittedly myself included) to look for our children that we have waited so long to hug and kiss. Debbie was just standing there unsure where to go or what to do. She told me she said a prayer asking God why she was there and right after praying that this beautiful girl, Charline, walked up and grabbed her hand and did not let go. There was an instant connection and bond and Charline went everywhere with her, even staying with us in our hotel room. Debbie's family is praying for guidance on God's plan if she is supposed to be a member of their family or not. I was just blown away by their instant attachment to each other, it's unexplainable other then God!

Karla- the teams Captain (Dr. B and the rest of the team enjoyed calling her Boss because it seemed to frustrate her, we are so bad!) She was just wonderful and a gifted leader. We were all so grateful for her. This picture was taken right after we got to the orphanage. Look how happy she is! :)

It's just almost too much to take in, 4 of my children I have not been able to hug and kiss for months suddenly at my side. Thank you, Thank you God, again and again for these precious moments with them!!!! Can I just please repeat... Our children are just stunning, aren't they??

After getting Lovenie I rushed outside to find Debbie to make my first ever introduction of one of our new family members to someone I knew! It was such a great feeling. I did not know at that moment that Lovenie had already become legally our daughter!
So, our first moments with our children again: It's never how you picture it in your head but it is always beautiful and wonderful beyond description!!! We did not have much time our first afternoon at the orphanage because of our luggage ordeal. We all were hot and exhausted (many of us took in a red eye flight, myself included, and did not sleep at all the night before) but the idea of holding your child(ren) does wonders for waking you up! First I saw Stephanie. She was just inside the doors hiding behind a table peeking out at me and giggling and then hiding behind the table again. I ran to her and showered her with hugs and kisses and then tickled her and teased her for trying to hide from me, she just giggled. Then she was off to put on a pretty gown and finish fixing her hair (ah, it's so good to have a girl!). I then ran up to the babies room and nearly cried when I saw Lovenie there in her crib. I grabbed her and it was her turn to be smothered in kisses and hugs! I just repeated to her again and again in Creole that "mama's here" and how much I loved her. Then I hustled downstairs to show her off to Debbie and all my friends. She was a little confused and resistant to me for the first 15 minutes or so and then got over it and clung to me 24/7 calling me Mama over and over again and not letting me out of her sight (much less out of my arms!). I still had not seen the boys. They live in a house across the street. I asked someone (I don't remember who) to please go and tell Jacques and Jude that their Mom is here and wants them. I waited in the court yard by the gate, holding Lovenie, and watching for the big gate to be opened and in came our boys with huge grins. They came right to me with lots more hugs and kisses, and I just never wanted to let them go. The pictures above were mostly taken in the fantastic new library the mission team that just left had built (I'll share more about that soon). Stephanie had put on her pretty gown, finished her hair and was ready to join us again for our photos. :)
We did not have very long to find and love on our kids before everyone was running around like crazy trying to get bags together for our children. We were allowed to bring the children we are adopting back to the guest house to spend the nights with us. Also brought to the guest house was the new nephews of Bryn, Job and Bernadin (friends with our sons), she was there to meet, and Charline- Debbie's new precious friend. Then we all were very late and had to rush off to the Kindergarten graduation, and then on to the guest house from there.

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