Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Playing in Haiti- Last day

Nikki in the blue shirt, me leaning over yelling for the team to throw the balloon higher and Stephanie next to me.
Karla was one of the judges for the potato sack race and joined in on the fun of watching the kids laugh and play.

My precious son Jacques and his friends getting ready to take on the water ballon game. These boys had the balloon flying in the air. It was great!

Jacques and Friend dodging the kids as they used the sling shot to fling water balloons at the gate. Other kids tried this too and the only one to get hit (that I know of) was Stephanie and she got soaked and we all got a big laugh.

Look out! The kids enjoyed the slingshot. What kid doesn't?

The kids actively playing the water balloon game

A team getting ready to play.

The prize center. The winners were so excited to pick out a prize!

I'm so glad we got to play some of the games planned and we had so much fun. I wish we had time to stay and do more but we did this the last day. We started off getting the kids all together with double dutch jump ropes and played the CD soundtrack to the movie Jump In (I heard they saw and loved that movie and it was among the ones donated). Then when we were all set up (Thanks Debbie and Candy for filling up so many water balloons, and Tyson for setting up the prize zone) we called the kids over and Nikki did a great job translating for us. The kids were grouped into teams of 6 and given a beach towel that they would hold the sides of and as a team had to fling the balloon in to the air and catch it again. It was a regular balloon filled with water and if it fell but did not break they could pick it up and keep going. The kids had a blast and there was lots of laughter!


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

You make me jealous...Wish I was there!
Love ya,

Angela said...

I wish you were there too! Maybe one of these days we will be there at the same time...that would be so great!

Looking at the pictures makes me wish I was back there too!