Thursday, July 19, 2007

4 Months seizure free!!!!

For my family and friends that have been tracking this great miracle I would just like to announce that today I hit the 4 months seizure free mark!!!! Hooray! Each month I am just amazed by. Praise God!!!

My Primary Care doctor has okay'd me to have my drivers license back but I first must get an okay also from the Doctor I saw in the Epilepsy Center. He can be difficult to get in to see and I REALLY want to have my license back before our children come home so please continue with your prayers. Thanks so much!


Ericka said...

Count me in!!!!! This is great news!!!

Becky Hinchley said...

Great News Angela! Congratulations!

Becky Hinchley

LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

That is so wonderful! God can move mountains!
Love ya,

Amy said...

That is so awesome Angela! You are such a trooper with all you've had to deal with. You are an inspiration to say the least. You always see the blessing in a difficult situation.