Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bethel Guest House happenings

Bon Nuit, Domi Byen (Good night, Sleep well)- One of my favorite times being with the kids is getting to spend the nights with them as a family does. This trip was the first time I was able to share a room with the boys and tuck them in at night... what a cool blessing!

Princess Stephanie has an amazing ability to take over even a King sized bed. I attempted to sleep with her and Lovenie and between Stephanie's flopping all over the bed and Lovenie waking up through-out the night I got very little sleep. Check out how Stephanie is taking up a big chunk of the bed. I had to put Lovenie upside down at the end of the bed on the edge with a pillow so she wouldn't fall off... and notice I'm not in the bed.... no room for me! I teased Stephanie the next morning when everyone was awake and telling her that this is how she sleeps and then I threw an arm on her, then a leg, and so on until I was laying sideways across her and all the kids were cracking up.
What a joy it was to tuck in our sweet sons. One night I got them all tucked in and then made them laugh by diving onto the bed right in between them and held Jacques hand and cuddled with Jude until the both fell asleep. It was such a precious time. Stephanie and Lovenie stayed awake to make sure that I was coming back to them and I did.

Debbie shared a room with us and was such a great sport. For the last couple nights she shared her bed with Charline (who is now going to be her daughter). There was one night that Debbie was really exhausted and really needed to sleep but I couldn't keep all the kids out of our room. I kept kicking them out and they would come right back in. I tried to enlist the help of their Moms but many were busy with a project and in and out all the kids continued. I finally had to kick the kids out and put a chair in front of the room door and stayed there turning kids away so that Debbie could get some sleep.

Jacques listening to the walkman I left him on my first trip, Jude playing Tetris that I brought him this trip, and our dear friend Job hanging out.

Stephanie had just fallen asleep and is already making her way towards taking over the bed and I have the pictures to prove it. :) Lovenie is waiting to be dressed for bed.

The kids loved to hang out watching movies on the little screen of my portable DVD player. Movies played in our room was Superman 2 and Pink Panther.
Good Night our precious sons! If I were not so exhausted I may have been able to sit awake all night and marvel in the fact that I got to see our children sleeping!

Jacques, Charline, Stephanie, and Jude- All of them wearing the new necklaces their mothers just gave to them. Jacques, Charline, and Jude are wearing cross necklaces that Debbie and I bought for them there in Haiti (I brought home matching necklaces for Kyle, Johnny, and Luke), and Stephanie is wearing the locket I brought to her with a picture of both of her mothers.
Jude, Jacques, Job, Stephanie (hiding behind the movie case), and Bernadin watching another movie.

One of the kids took this picture of me. It shows the rest of our gorgeous room. It was so big, clean, and beautiful! The door I'm near leads to our own full bathroom in our bedroom.
Friends hanging out. Charline listening to Stephanies new walkman and Bernadin hanging out nearby.

Ange and daughters dropping in to say Goodnight

MEAL TIME- Meals at the Bethel Guest House is quite an event! You are so spoiled and waited on while there. You are called to each meal with a bell and then served delicious foods and drinks. Everyone eats together as one big family and it was so fun!
Our Table: Then empty chair next to Lovenie is were I was sitting. Jude is at the end of the table in the orange shirt, Charline is leaning over to talk to Stephanie, Debbie, and Tyson at the end of the table.

It took many tables to host our team of 13 plus all our kids which I think ended up being 14 of them as well! Such a good time!!


Our team received a request to bring the boys some soccer balls. I'm not sure how many ended up being brought but it was a lot of them. To transport them we all deflated them and we had one of the few ball pumps so a lot of balls ended up in our room to be pumped back up.

Entry area:
My neices (Ange's daughters) after their graduation ceremony. Resting in the Entry area of the guest house. Aren't they adorable??!!


LeAnne Tha Haiti Lady said...

You stayed in the same room my hubby and I did in Dec. to get the kids. I love it at the guest house! Did ya ever venture to play volleyball against Dr. B? I took photos and watched the kids and blew bubbles while Dr. B, my hubby Curtis, Amy B and the staff ALL played against Dr. B AND LOST!!!
Love ya,

Amy said...

Hey, LeAnne you left out the part that Dr. B's court was WAY short, so we always had to dink the ball inside the 10-ft. line!

Angela, I love your pics. Even though I've been there so many times, I still love to live vicariously through everyone else and "visit again."

And I just have to say again that your kids are so precious!!! I love the photos of the boys sleeping! SO sweet!!!


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

That's true....His side is shorter, but hey...SO IS HE!!! hehehe

I always anticipate going back and now Curtis will actually go with me!
Love ya,

Julie said...


Love your photos!! What precious memories.

Hope you are feeling better ~ Julie