Monday, July 30, 2007

Radio Parade


Angela said...

Hey all.. Just in case you are reading my blog and wondering about the music video: I wrote another post to appear above it but am having trouble with blogger.

Here's info about this video:
Recently I shared with you all about our neighbors daughter, Jessica, and the fund raising party we were attending for her mission trip to Africa (She has since gone and returned). I knew she was in a band but had not heard them play until today.
They have entered a contest and could even win a contract out of it but they need everyone that hears and enjoys their music to vote on it!!

If you enjoyed their music as much as I did you can go to
to view it there as well or go to the top of the page and vote for this great group! Please send your votes in from as many email address as you can and if you are willing...pass on the word! The band is Radio Parade and the song is Brand New Day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela!! I didn't even know you did this until i googled radio parade and your blog page came up!! You rock!