Sunday, July 22, 2007

The TRUE way to have a happy marriage

Okay friends... we should be charging for such good marital advice but because of my great love for you all we will share our new found secret for FREE! Toss aside all marriage advice you have heard before now and prepare to hear the one very simple step to a happy marriage:
It started this last Mother's Day. I was spoiled so much but to top it off my husband made sure to get me some very special dark chocolate candies. I was so pleased. Then as the weeks went on and I had a tough day here and there my husband would send me to bed for some rest and quiet time and would come up stairs with a bar of dark chocolate in his hands. I would laugh and thank him and thought it was left over from mothers day. As time went on he continued to bring me a surprise chocolate bar. I teased him and asked him if he had a secret stash hidden somewhere to keep me happy and his answer was a smile (that means yes).
When he had to go out of town me and the boys spent many days at my parents house and he informed my Mom that if I got cranky feed me chocolate... preferrably dark. My Mom did show up with Cinnamon Bears (my second favorite and hard to find!) one day to "keep me happy."
Recently my husband has been doing the family grocery shopping. It takes so much longer to shop with the kids and I don't have a license yet so he is automatically nominated (and he's good at it too). I noticed that the chocolate bars were showing up more and more. It became a great joke as he would not tell me where he was keeping this never ending supply of chocolate. He would actually make me go up stairs and get in bed before bringing me one! He did eventually share with me where the stash was and I laughed when I found out he put it on the top shelf of our pantry where there is no way I could see it even standing on a chair. My husband is 6'2" and took advantage of the fact that I was vertically challanged. Boy was I excited to see the stash!!! He had bought dark chocolate in bulk!!! It was hidden behind the stashed party supplies and bulk box of garbage bags and far out of my reach. Our marriage has been better then ever in the last few months of the great chocolate stash. I did put on a few pounds but the parasites I picked up in Haiti quickly took care of those! So there you go.... marriage advice and fast weightloss plan reveiled in one post. No need to thank me...just get a big box of chocolate and live a happy life!!!

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