Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Sweet Son Jaco

What I wish I could be doing right now: hanging out with our sweet son Jacques (Jaco)
Ready to shoot some hoops. We recently added a basketball hoop to our back yard and when I hear Jim and the boys shooting hoops outside I wish so much for Jacques and Jude to be out there with them!

Jacques with my friend Debbie

It does not matter if I fly all the way to Haiti from America....I still can not compete for Jacques attention if there is a soccer game going on. Just kidding-- I wouldn't try to keep our soccer superstar from a game! Jacques is the one closest to the ball. :)

Jacques sitting on his bed. It is a very small room with 3 sets of bunkbeds. So there are 6 boys in his room. It was such an honor to "tuck him in" at nights in the hotel and he might be a teenager but I've never been able to tuck him in before so I did it anyways! :)

Hanging out in another room at the boys house. Jacques is the one in the white shirt with red writing. You can tell he has lots of friends and is very well liked by everyone.

Being silly: check out the shoes. He put on my very girly shoes to be silly and I took a picture. Then I accidentally deleted the picture and he's such a good sport that he put them back on and let me take another picture.

Showing off :)

I miss Jacques so much. It's as if I have known him forever. God's so good the way He can give you that kind of love and bond for someone. I am so very proud of him and can't think of one single thing I don't totally love about him. He is so smart, kind, thoughtful, and helpful. We also could not ask for a more wonderful big brother. He is so kind to Lovenie, Jude, and Stephanie and I have no doubt at all that he will bond very quickly to his American brothers too. I could have never imagined God bringing him into our lives and am so very honored that God would allow us to know and love him. After spending more time with him I still insist that I find it remarkable how much he reminds me of his Dad!!!

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