Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Much Needed Approval

We were not watching for it. I was not checking day after day, hanging around the mailbox. None of the things that usually happen when we are expecting exciting news. I simply went to the mailbox hours after the mail arrived today. I was enjoying a light conversation with Jim while sorting through the mail when my eyes caught the envelope that sent my heart pounding.

I've shared on here much about the many challenges we faced in getting our I-600 (immigration paperwork) filed before the deadline. I've also shared the seriousness of our one and only shot for everything to go right or Jacques would not be able to come to America. We could not file again due to his age. Well, tonight we received word from USCIS (immigration). We were so shocked to see the envelope because we were not expecting to hear anything for months from now while it was being processed. So when I saw it my heart sank knowing that it was a denial. That is the only explanation for receiving it so quickly. It takes far less time to deny a petition then to approve it. So, again... imagine our total shock when we read that the I-600 had been APPROVED!!!! Done deal Baby!!!!!!! When everything is completed in Haiti Jacques WILL COME TO AMERICA!!!!!

For everything to unfold the way that it all has is nothing short of a miracle. It all seemed so impossible so many times, and yet, an approval has happened! To this we give ALL the credit to God who amazes us time and time again!

We continue to wait for Jacques' passport and visa. As of a few months ago we were being told that he would be home to us in time for Christmas. Now we are being told there are suddenly "complications" with the paper work. We are not being given any reason as to what those complications are but we think we know the answer. We are now being told not to expect him home until June of next year at the soonest. Maybe that will be the case, and then again.... maybe not! It's the kind of thing we just have to hand over to God and trust His will to unfold exactly the way it is meant to. We cannot trust in Him and fear the words of man at the same time. So trust in Him we will, and we look forward to celebrating and sharing with you all as even more exciting miracles unfold!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Latch Hook Extensions

Yesterday I finished re-doing Lovenie's Latch hook extensions for the second time. I think they are just darling on her! I've promised a few friends to share how to do it so here it goes~

To prepare the hair deep condition it for about 20 minutes to make it soft and detangle easily
Make a part in the hair right down the middle of the head and then five equal parts on each side, front to back of the head. Then cornrow or piggyback braid each of the parts. Use a generous amount of palmade on the hair as you braid it. Once you have 10 braids you are ready to begin with the Latch hook extensions.
Slide a latch hook carefully under the braid.

Cut the extensions in 3rds or half (depending on the length you want). I cut some in 3rds to use around the front of the face to make bangs and layers and then switched to cutting the extensions in half for longer hair. Fold one piece of extension in half and place the middle of it inside the hook. Close the latch hook and pull in back through the center of the braid.

Pull through enough to make a loop on the other side of the braid. Remove the latch hook. Grab the two loose ends and pull them inside of the loop you created. Gently pull it all the way through the loop and it will create a tie to the braid. I usually do another loose tie (like the beginning of a shoelace tie) to further secure the extension. Do not worry about that making it more difficult to take out later. It is incredibly simple and quick to remove.

Now repeat a few hundred times, covering each braid as you work your way down to the back of the head. You can space them to make it as full as you like. Expect the process to take around 4-6 hours. It is rewarding work as it looks great and is very low maintenance for the next 4-6 weeks.

End Result with cutting the extensions in half.

End Results with the extensions cut in 3rds

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Much Going On

It's been 15 days since my last post. I can hardly believe it! There is so much that I am excited to share but have been having some computer issues. Hopefully I'll be up and running again soon with photos and family adventures galore!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy 17TH Sweet Son!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our newest family member... Jacques Obain Laughlin! How I wish we could spend it with him. It occured to me recently that the very first time we'll get to spend his birthday with him he will be turning 18, a legal adult! We've managed to miss every single birthday of his childhood but will be here to celebrate all of his adult birthdays. The day he promises forever to his bride... we'll be there. When he has his first child... we'll be there. For every holiday, heartache, and celebration.... we'll be there. Because a "child" does not need parents just when they are little but parents are needed all through out our lives. It's an honor to be Jacques' family! We thank God again today for creating him and allowing us to belong with him!

Our plan was to go celebrate his birthday at a waterpark but it ended up being a cold day AND Jim needed to be at work all night tonight. So, me and the kids are headed out in a bit to have a mellow celebration and then will hit the waterpark next weekend.

We are asking, as a gift for Jacques' birthday, that our family and friends please remember him in prayer today.