Monday, September 28, 2009

Latch Hook Extensions

Yesterday I finished re-doing Lovenie's Latch hook extensions for the second time. I think they are just darling on her! I've promised a few friends to share how to do it so here it goes~

To prepare the hair deep condition it for about 20 minutes to make it soft and detangle easily
Make a part in the hair right down the middle of the head and then five equal parts on each side, front to back of the head. Then cornrow or piggyback braid each of the parts. Use a generous amount of palmade on the hair as you braid it. Once you have 10 braids you are ready to begin with the Latch hook extensions.
Slide a latch hook carefully under the braid.

Cut the extensions in 3rds or half (depending on the length you want). I cut some in 3rds to use around the front of the face to make bangs and layers and then switched to cutting the extensions in half for longer hair. Fold one piece of extension in half and place the middle of it inside the hook. Close the latch hook and pull in back through the center of the braid.

Pull through enough to make a loop on the other side of the braid. Remove the latch hook. Grab the two loose ends and pull them inside of the loop you created. Gently pull it all the way through the loop and it will create a tie to the braid. I usually do another loose tie (like the beginning of a shoelace tie) to further secure the extension. Do not worry about that making it more difficult to take out later. It is incredibly simple and quick to remove.

Now repeat a few hundred times, covering each braid as you work your way down to the back of the head. You can space them to make it as full as you like. Expect the process to take around 4-6 hours. It is rewarding work as it looks great and is very low maintenance for the next 4-6 weeks.

End Result with cutting the extensions in half.

End Results with the extensions cut in 3rds


Amanda said...

what a doll :~) and what a talented, brave, patient mom!!!

The Haiti Lady said... lost me at cornrow....I suck at cornrows. HFC girls tried to teach me how to put extensions in and I think they gave up on me and figured ai was a goofy wqhite gal with no finger talent...ugh
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Great job... Truthfully, I never thought of doing these myself. Marissa had these once though. I paid someone else to do them. It didn't take 4 hours. A lady stood on each side of Marissa's head. But, it cost $125 and I had to buy and bring in my own hair.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your hair??? I am thinking of ordering it online somewhere, so I don't have to drag 5 kids into a store.
LOVE IT! Great job!

ManyBlessings said...

Wow Angela! That's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

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