Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wanting to move to Haiti

No you do not need to check the date: I assure you it is not April 1st! :) We are trying to get a call through to speak today with the director of our orphanage to see if there is a way that me and our 3 American sons can come and live in Haiti for 2 months! We also have some other exciting news to discuss with him but I can not share it just yet (no we are not adding another child).

We feel that it would be such a wonderful experience for our children to get to live where their siblings have lived, learn creole, learn a gratefulness that even us adults learn when we go there, and so much more! It would be so wonderful to spend time with all of our kids together! We continue to pray about it and are so hopefull to have an answer soon, if possible today!

I'll keep you posted. In all we want God's will to be done so we have been praying that He would open the door to this opportunity if it is his will, or close the door if it is not. We will accept and be glad for whatever the answer is, but in our hearts we want so much for the answer to be "Yes, come stay in Haiti!"


Anonymous said...

Wow Angela! What an awesome display of following God's will if He opens that door for you. I pray that same thing often, that if he wants us to he will open the door wide open and show us the way through, and if not, to close it. And also for our strength to follow! Let us know how things go. Praying for you.

LeAnne said...

You WILL post an answer to all of this SOON!!! :-P You are driving me nuts...what are you going to do??
Love ya,

Ericka said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!
Do you remember telling me that you have had thoughts (nudgings, etc) of living in another country?????? I think we both thought it would happen after your kids came home and your husband would be transferred, but maybe this is IT!!!!!!!
How incredibly exciting!!!!!
What a great experience for the kids (ALL of them!!!!) - you can hang out with the Livesays!!!!
This is *really* incredibly exciting!!!!! Yikes!!!!!