Thursday, July 26, 2007

Help bring a little boy with medical needs home from Africa!!

Hi everyone,

This is not a hoax or a scam but an actual friend of mine who also lives here in Southern CA. She is adopting from Africa and her process has moved very quickly due to her son having medical needs and needing to get home. However she has less then a month to come up with $8000!

She is seeking 8000 people online that may be willing to donate just a dollar. To view the information and how you can help click here:

If you feel led to help please cover her in prayers, finances, or by passing on her website to anyone and everyone you know.

Thanks so much!

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Vicki Jean said...

I am an American from Texas living and working in Haiti at an orphanage for the next two years. I was given your website by another couple that are interested in adopting some twins from our home. God Bless you for your big heart and your wonderful websites. I have so much enjoyed them. Please contact me as I have some questions to ask. My prayers are with you and your children that are still here.