Monday, July 23, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

It started out just like another Monday, except Jim decided to take today off (I LOVE that he works 4 days a week and can choose each week what day to take off.) Also last night we had bought the kids a 21' waterslide and were all anxious to play on it. At the last minute we decided to call some good friends and ask them to come over and "break in" the new slide with us. They accepted our spontaneous offer and before we knew it there was 10 of us sliding, bbq'ing, and swimming. As if that were not a fun enough day we were able to keep Kyle and Johnny's best friend for a sleepover... yep... Just another Monday!

Kyle and Johnny trying out their new slide
Dad's joining in on the fun. He was especially fun to watch because he went down so fast that he went over the front of the slide on to the ground (a trick Debbie later did as well). No need to worry no one got hurt until we played Marco Polo.

Debbie was SO fun to watch go down the slide as she always ended up in some twisted position!
Fun for grown-ups too! Debbie and I laughed and laughed as we went down and then waited in line with the kids for our turn. Over and over again we went down (we are sure to be sore tomorrow). It was so fun! Later we all got in the pool and made a great whirlpool and an aggressive game of Marco Polo... Ended it with burgers, hot dogs, and a sleepover. Not bad for a Monday!


Ericka said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like FUN!!!!!!
Have a great day cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

We're sooooooo jealous! :-)

The Baurers