Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Sunshine Son-- Jude

I just stole this picture of Jude off of Ange's blog and I think she got the picture from Karla or someone else on our team. The moment I saw it I thought "This is SO Jude!!!!" This picture was taken in the back of the tap tap that we likely had been in for hours in the heat and yet Jude continued to laugh and smile, and then to see him wink for the camera....so him! He's as cute and sweet as it gets!!!!
Not too big to let Mama cuddle with him! We look just alike, don't you think? I love this precious son God gave us!

Hanging out in the room showing off how cool he is. Check out the infamous Jude smile. You will almost NEVER see him without a smile.

Playing around
Close up

Jude all dressed up for church, wearing his big smile, his watch we sent him as a gift (see the green glow on his wrist) and the sunglasses we sent him on top of his head.
"Peace" Just showing off how cool and cute he can be. This was just moments after we had been reunited the first evening.

Jude concentrating on the hand held game of Tetris we brought him. It was a huge hit. Job (watching Jude play) is friends with both Jacques and Jude so we saw quite a bit of him in our room. He's a sweetheart too! I've warned his adopting Mom that if she backs out we are going to swoop in and steal him away!! :) Jude of course shared his game with anyone that would ask.

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