Saturday, July 07, 2007

Team Member name request!

It has been requested that I post names of the team members so that people that know them from online can put a name with a face. I will do my best to do so because I really like the people that requested. ;) This is for you!
By Step and going left to right:
First Step: Aimee (adopting 2 children she met for the first time) and Julie (adopting 2 children she met for the first time) , Second Step: Amy J. and her sweet new baby (both in the green shirts, she is adopting a baby and toddler and was able to share a room and communicate a lot with their birthmom- met them all for the first time) and Debbie (my friend that came with me and is prayerfully considering the adoption of at least one specific child, please pray for her family as they make this big decision), Third Step: Bryn (Sister of Mandy who went to meet her new nephews Job and Bernadin), Kim (has brought children home through Dr.B and during the trip her strength and kindness was an extra blessing to me!), Me, Fourth Step: Ange (one of my best friends in Texas, one of the team leaders and is about to bring home 3 daughters making 6 children they have adopted from NLL), Char (Karla's Mother), Kim's Mother-in-Law- forgive me I've blanked on her name so if someone who knows it could tell me I could change this line ;), Fifth Step: Tyson (Ange's 12 yr. old son who was wonderful!), Karla (excellent team leader, Dr. B enjoyed calling her the Boss or Captain, she has adopted through Dr. B as well and kids are home), and Candi (Ange's Mother-in-law meeting 3 of her granddaughters for the first time!)

Please let me know if you are reading this and I got any info wrong. It was a busy trip and hard to keep track of everyone and their situation. What a great blessing this group was. Great attitudes, shared lots of love, and a joy to be with. The only thing that could have made it better was to have YOU with us!

FUN FACT: The person who took these great team photo's for us was my perfect son Jacques who can do anything and do it very well! (Yes a little bragging on my part)


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

Thank you, Thank you....some I knew, some I did not.
It is ok to brag on your son...he is so handsome and smart and he isn't even mine. hehe
Love ya,

Kez said...

Now if you can just add the names of the kids they are adopting...if you know them...