Monday, July 16, 2007

First day of school (info from the USA)

Johnny works on his first day of 2nd grade. He is using Olpha Omega's LifePac Christian Private school Curriculum. It is the same that Kyle used when he was in 2nd grade. Johnny did excellent in reading but still struggles with his writing skills and this curriculum is very writing intensive so will really be terrible or great...we will see. For 6 years old and his trouble focusing and writing due to his ADHD and mild Autism I'm just so impressed with how well he is doing and how smart he is! Luke is working very seriously in his big Pre-school workbook. He LOVES being involved in school time and continues to amaze us in how well he's doing for just turning 4!
Johnny completed his school work and is rewarded with some time for computer play. We have a computer station with 3 computers and the sound of Johnny's games was distracting Kyle from his work so we grabbed a couple of headphones and all was settled.

Recess: Don't ya just love home school life? We took a nice long lunch break and then recess was spent in fun play (myself included) in the pool to wake up and refresh us all. How many other teachers get to spend recess in a pool soaking up sun on an air mattress?

"Oh no, having a 4 year old is not distracting for his brothers at all!"
(yeah, right!)

Kyle is so excited about his school this year. He begged to start school today and after recess was anxious to get back to it. This will be his first year using Alpha Omega's Swithched-On Schoolhouse where most of his learning, tests, and grades will all be done on the computer. It has lots of fun games to really help the lessons sink in. It's a tough curriculum and Kyle is just 8 but in 4th grade (as of today). He was learning things that I'd never even heard of before! Here is an example of just some of his spelling and vocabulary: archipelago, isthmus, hemisphere, Bethsaida (Peter's home town), and many many more tough words. I'm pleased to say he scored 100% on every lesson and LOVED the program!

Playing AlphaOmega 14- the vocabulary/spaceship game. This was his favorite of the many games that went with the lessons. Please see the video as he plays and narrates through this fun game. Kyle gives this curriculum 2 thumbs up and would suggest it to anyone. He's excited about this school year and looking forward to school tomorrow. (I still can't believe he's in 4th grade!!!!)
Why start school in July you might ask? As some of you know we are hoping to spend at least 6 weeks in Haiti during September and October. We decided to get started on school so if we want to take that as a vacation time or just do light school work in Haiti we can do as we please. Again, loving the flexibility of home school life!

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