Friday, July 20, 2007

Exciting Announcement!

Debbie and Charline
I have been excitedly waiting to make this announcement and have finally received the permission to do so. Our dear friends Jim and Debbie are adopting Charline (14) of HFC!!!! I'm so excited for all of them! It was really neat to be there and witness God bringing this Mother and Daughter together. It's not really something you can explain...just a really neat God given bond to each other. The whole team witnessed it and we all felt certain that Charline was going to become Debbie's daughter!
I met Debbie for the first time about 1.5 years ago on the baseball field for the first day of practise for our sons new baseball teams. We were the first ones to arrive and began chatting. We were instant friends. I told her about our adoptions (then just 3 children) and she told me how she also has wanted for many years to adopt or foster care. Debbie had decided months ago to start praying about adopting and one teen age boy from HFC had really touched her heart and she spent months in prayer about him. God closed the door on this adoption and she knew it was not meant to be but continued to pray for and love this boy. This began a real opened heart towards adoptions and specifically for a boy to share a room with her only son as she has one son and two daughters.
One night at a bible study we were at together I announced that I was going to be able to go on a mission trip to Haiti. Debbie told me "I'm going with you!" What??? I was SO excited!!! I've already shared a little about how she met Charline but will refresh your memories. As we all got off the tap tap and had finally arrived at the orphanage everyone got off the tap tap and started heading towards our children (the mission team was made up of adoptive mothers and family and friends). Debbie got out of the tap tap and was standing there unsure where to go or what to do. She said a prayer asking God "Why am I here?" and right after praying that Charline walked up to her and slipped her hand in to Debbies. That was all it took! It was an instant bond that everyone could see taking place. Debbie knew that this girl was meant to be her daughter (much to her surprise as she was expecting a son). Once home she was able to talk and pray with her family about it and the results are that they do all believe the Lord is leading them to adopt Charline and the process to do so has begun.
They are so happy, and I'm just thrilled for them all!!! Congratulations my dear friends... It's a GIRL. :)


LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

She decided to do it huh?! I am so happy for your friend and her new daughter!!!
Love ya,

Julie said...

Tell Debbie congratulations... my she is going to need a stork as big as an airplane!

As she has a friend who understands the procedure fairly well ;o), I know getting her dossier together is going to be a breeze. I pray that she flies through first legalization, IBESR, Parquet, second legalization... I hope her file doesn't end up lost in MOI... all those things that will grant her a quick reunion!

ManyBlessings said...

Big congratulations from our house to Debbie's!! What an awesome story of how God moves.:)

McDonald Family said...

What an awesome story, it brought me to tears.