Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea?

Over their bed-- "Born to be weird"- Perfect!

The plan was the full size bottom bunk was Johnny's and he was excited about having the biggest bed out of all the kids. Somehow Luke weaseled Johnny out of the deal because he wanted the bed and because Johnny's such a sweety he willingly handed it over. Now the littlest one home has the biggest bed!
Spongebob's Pals Hanging out.
Whew, somehow we managed to complete both new rooms. Johnny and Luke are excited about their new Spongebob digs.
The party was a really great success and we've reached Jim's last vacation day and have plans to watch movies and relax. We are sorry to see his vacation time come to an end BUT he works tomorrow and then will take the next day off for my birthday, then work one more day and have the weekend off. So he's kind of easing into the work thing. When he returns tomorrow it will be to his new position as the plants Technical Manager.
One thing that threatened my good New Years Eve mood was that I received the DMV form from the doctors office and would you believe they did not send me the same form I sent them to fill out? They continue to confuse and amaze me! I'm going to see if DMV will accept it but I'm not nearly as hopeful as I was. It looks like the battle continues... UGH. So I got super frustrated with it for a little while and then shook it off and we had a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Well, it is official. You are way cooler than I am. I never allowed Marissa to decorate her room in Disney princess. I figured she would outgrow the room as soon as Disney released their next movie ~