Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last night I was reading a book and some comments about a situation in the authors life really stuck out to me. He was sharing a time that he was following God's lead and knew he was doing what God had called him to do but the finances just were not there so he had started considering doing other things instead of trusting in God to provide. The very morning he was going to make this path changing decision he got a phone call from a friend to let him know that God had put it on their heart (the author had not told anyone of his need) to send them a check for a specific amount and it was exactly how much he needed to cover his bills with just a little left over. I know this kind of experience as I have seen it happen again and again in my life and lives of my family and friends. There is no way to explain these "coincidences" other then God's provision and it's a beautiful thing to witness. So while this encouraged me it was not what really got my attention. It's what he went on to say that really hit home. As he continued to thank God again and again God questioned him. How did he know that the friends really sent the check? The author responds "why these are great friends of ours and I know their character, If they say they sent it they sent it." Then God asked him why he could be so sure and excited about word from a fellow person but not have that same kind of excitement when God himself confirms He will do something. Why is it that God can prove Himself faithful over and over and over again and yet we keep Him on an almost "I'll believe it when I see it" bases, yet other people can quickly earn our trust?

This last week I have been fretting more then usual about Jacques's adoption. I heard from the agency that does our home study that they are putting themselves on call to us and going to rush our home study update just as soon as Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie are home to make sure we get the adoptions of Jacques and Vilner rolling before Jacques turns 16. I was so relieved and excited at this news. However, God told me a long time ago in crystal clear ways that without a doubt Jacques Obain was our son. As obstacles started to show themselves I began to fret and worry. I again see how silly it is to do such things. God made a promise to us and is certainly able to fulfill it. I have been striving all week to get answers from other people to reassure me that it will work out okay instead of trusting that God was the one who called us to Jacques. After all that I've seen God do in our lives and the lives of others... unexplainable and exciting things.... How could I ever have doubted or even been more excited at the promise of another person's word then at God's promises? How silly of me. I continue to learn and grow but this has been a huge lesson to me. Questioning who and where my trust lies has brought me again to an incredible amount of peace as I realize that all I've been worrying over is really all God's problems (and we know it's no problem for Him) to deal with. Do I really want to take that problem out of God's hands and put them into my own... No thanks! I thank God for reminding me of where my trust should be. There is so much freedom in knowing Him and what He is capable of!!!

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Ericka said...

Oh Angela, can SO SO SO relate.
Beautiful post, thank you.
Praying for your friend's young son.