Friday, January 11, 2008

My Adventures

There are two processes I'm in that manage to frustrate me to nearly no end at times. One is obviously the adoption process. In case anyone is wondering... No, adoption is not "the easy way". So if you ever find yourself about to say that to someone that's just announced that they are adopting... PLEASE... stop and take that foot that's on it's way up to your mouth and firmly plant it back on the ground. I request this on the behalf of every adopting parent that's heard this comment way too many times and no longer have anything left of their tongue to bite. This is a request for everyones safety and sanity. ;) The other is getting my drivers license back. While they are not equal in importance they are equal in the frustration category.

So... The newest updates on these two area's-- No new news on the adoptions and we expect that to be the case until the kids are out of MOI. Then we will REALLY be close to bringing them home. The next step is simply the printing of their passports and then we will be on our way to Haiti to pick them up and go get their visa's.

License-- The Dr. I've been waiting for HAS finally signed my form and it has been faxed to DMV. Since my file was closed I am now waiting to see if they will just reopen it and move forward or if we must start this very fun process all over again. We will see. They included my Video EEG results and diagnosis with my form and wouldn't you know it... It was done by a completely different doctor! So now I'm just waiting for DMV to want another form from this doctor too, and require me to "get" it in a few days when it's taken a crazy average of 2 months per form. Hopefully they will not choose to triple suspend my license instead of it's current double suspended status (okay, that part I do find really funny!).

Have you seen the National Treasure Movies? They are fantastic! I feel like I can relate to the movies. One clue looks like it will lead them to the treasure but really only leads to another clue. This continues on and on for generations and the family that's been searching for the treasures even begins to doubt that they will ever find it and wonder if it even exists or is just a wild goose chase that leads them to clue after endless clue. The good news is that they DO find the treasure (hope I didn't just spoil it for anyone!) and when they do they are in awe and it's more then they could ever have imagined it to be. The adventure of trying to get to the treasure is also one of great excitement and danger. May God help me to enjoy my adventures and not allow me to get overwhelmed by what sometimes seems impossible and please please bring me to the end of them both soon!
(A special thank you to my Texas Sunshine friend, Carrie, for sending me this incredibly intricate picture (above) drawn by the renowned artist Zig Ziglar, and to my Mom who is often reminding me that it's not all about the end result and to not forget the importance of the journey)

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ange said...

you rock squirt! praying for these things for ya
love ya la