Monday, January 14, 2008

We Won A Lot Of DOUGH!!!

Mickey Mouse shaped Sourdough to be exact!

Yesterday we finally got to go back to Disneyland after a long period of being "blocked out." Poor Jim had a massive amount of work to get done over the weekend and so he dropped us off at Disneyland to play while he spent his Sunday afternoon and night at work. We got to spend about 9 hours there. It was 75 degrees outside (beautiful) and everyone had the same idea as us. It was PACKED. So we decided to be a little creative about what we did so that we wouldn't be stuck in outrageously long lines. We saw movies and shows that we don't normally take the time to see. This included:
California Dreams- A movie of the history of California. I thought it was really neat but felt bad for the boys because I figured they must be totally bored with it but when we left Johnny and Kyle told me they liked it.
50 Years of Disneyland- Again this is a place we usually pass up thinking it might be boring. Boy were we wrong! I couldn't believe how excited the boys got over seeing the museum area and seeing what Disneyland was like 50 years ago. Then you go into a beautiful theater and watch a movie hosted by Steve Martin and Donald Duck. It not only was really interesting and informative but with a couple hosts like that it was VERY funny. Or as Johnny kept saying about it "That was IIIIIsterical!!!!" (for those of you that don't speak Johnny: hysterical) He laughed so loud and hard through the whole movie that I thought we might get kicked out because no one else could hear it.
High School Musical II Show Live- For the first time we got a great spot and watched all of the High School Musical show. It's really cute and fun. I can't watch it without desperately wishing that Stephanie was with us and ever so hopeful that it will still be showing when she gets home! I got lots of video since we were up close and will try and share it soon.
The Electrical Parade- I've been wanting to see this since seeing commercials about it as a kid. WOW, it was so incredible!!!! Very, very cool and we can't wait to see it again.
Live Band- We caught a live band and watched for a while. Me and the kids liked the music, lights, and fog of it so much that we decided to catch their next show too. By then (10PM) Jim had been able to join us and we had a fun family time. (See video above and below)
Disneyland is having "The Year Of A Million Dreams" and part of that is giving away free prizes and gifts at total random. For some (and the ones our kids really want) it's things like free vacations or even sleeping overnight INSIDE Disneyland! We have been fortunate enough to win prizes twice now. You have no idea when and what they might be. The first time we won was when Ali and her boys were visiting and we all won their special Year Of A Million Dreams Mickey Mouse Hat. Last night we were stopped by a couple of Disneyland employees and they gave me and each of the boys these cute Mickey Mouse shaped Sourdough loafs. Disneyland's California Park has it's own Sourdough bread factory that we've toured many times so this bread was super fresh and we had a FEAST on it. So fun! Making some great family memories.


Ericka said...

Ok, that's it, I'm having your family pick my lottery numbers from now on!!!!!
Disney sounded like FUN!

Tim & Sarah said...

How awesome, to win the dough! We went to Disney in Florida a couple of years ago for the first time, and had a blast. As soon as our son is home, (and we have more money) we plan on going back!