Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tubing or not tubing? There is snow better question.

Jim in the parking lot as we arrived at the gorgeous park.
Ready to slide!

So lazy (and GREAT). The park has moving sidewalks that take you and tube back up the hill.

On my way up.

My date in the warm and adorable lodge. We took a break to sip some Hot Cocoa (with marshmallows) by the fireplace. So cozy!

Together by the fireplace. We have such a good time together and it must show because the woman that took this picture asked us if we were there on our honeymoon. That makes twice in 5 dates that we were asked that. Again, not bad for 10 years (well, actually, 10 years next week.)!
I love this picture because it not only shows some of the spectacular views we saw today but also because of the contrast of the snowy trees and mountain and then below you can see the Inland Empire (where we live) and it's all brown. Southern CA really does provide variety!

Even driving home was beautiful and fun!

The winner of the What are we up to Guessing game is LeAnne! Congratulations LeAnne. You win absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of being right! ;) Others were on the right track, Linda's paintball idea sounds like fun, and the bank robbery is still being considered.
Today for date 5 of 10 we went to the North Pole Tubing Park. We purchased 2 hour tickets to be able to sled and not have to hike back up the hill. After that kind of spoiling it will be hard to go back to any effort! Two hours was just right and we had a total blast! We just get goofy and giddy when we get time alone together. We laugh almost the whole time. By the end of the day we were getting running starts and diving on to our tubes going down the hill face first. The funnest was doing that and then grabbing each others tubes to slide down together. We tried racing but Jim would always win unless I said "Ready, set" and then I would take off. ;)
Very Very FUN!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey --- that's cheating! You can't have a conveyer belt take you back up the hill. You have to walk it!


Looks like alot of fun.

ange said...

you crazy kids!! Looks SO fun, I am glad you enjoyed yourselves yet again, where is #6 taking you?

The Haiti Lady said...

I WIN, I WIN....and I LOVE my prize!heheh
Hope you guys had a blast...looks like fun. I do think that using a moving conveyor sidewalk is so cheating, but I would do it!hehe
Love ya,

CrashleyRose said...

Angela! how was I to know that you are the FAMOUS Angela!!!! I have been hearing about and admiring htis amazing person who is trying to adopt 5 kids from "somewhere" for months now....I'm so sorry we didn't ge to meet while I was in SoCal but I look forward to it the next time I am in town and to learning more about your FAMILY (it's so awesome it deserves capitals) through your blog! It's so god to "meet" you!!!! be blessed!!!

Anonymous said...

You and your family have such a great time together. I can't wait for my big family to all get here and we are going to just copy all the things you do, just here in Seattle! LOL
Hugs, Kim