Monday, January 07, 2008

What are we up to?

This picture (yes, it's really me) is a hint about date number 5 of 10 for anyone that would like to take another guess at what we are up to. Could it be that our account is tapped out after the first 4 dates and we need to pull off a robbery to pay for date numbers 6-10? Could be, but not likely!
If all goes well we will be on our way tomorrow morning. Here is a few more hints:
*It is less then an hour from where we live
*We think we will be gone for about 5 hours (including drive time)
*We are not dressing formal (in case you couldn't guess that)
*We need tickets for it ($18 each)
*We will be going during the day, not night
*Kyle suggested this next hint but I thought it would be too much of a giveaway so we compromised on scrambling the letters of the hint:


Anonymous said...



ange said...

is there snow in so. cali?
no idea but I KNOW you will make it fun.

Jeff and Tanya said...

Hiking or skiing....

You guys are so fun!


Anonymous said...

Bank Robbery?

(oh, wait --- you don't need tickets for that)

The Haiti Lady said...

Something on a mountain...skiing...sledding?!
Love ya,

Lisa said...

skiing was my first thought with the mask and sunglasses - the scrambled mountain clue helped too