Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls.......

The very BRILLIANT Kez finally figured out a way to get Jacques to smile in pictures... bring in the pretty girls! ;) Seriously, it was a team that Kez led of nurses that did amazing things in Haiti. You can read more about their mission trip on Kez's blog at .

Erin and Jaco

MORE pretty girls- look at his gorgeous smile!

And now back to the boys:

Learning CPR

Sitting with friends in the First Aid/CPR class Kez and team taught the older kids
Our sweet son Jacques! It's SO good to see him (and his smile) again!!! I miss him so much and wish that there was some way we could smuggle him out of Haiti and be hugging him right NOW. (anyone have connections in the smuggling world?) It's so hard to wait when you love them so much! Kez was kind enough to sit down with Jacques while she was there and explain to him that we could not begin the process to adopt him until the first 3 come home. Here is how that went according to Kez:
He took it alright, except for one point when he said exactly what I'd been thinking "I don't think I'm ever going to get home." It was so sad. I just hugged him and told him that we were doing everything we could to get him home and that even if he couldn't go home, you were still his family and you'd find a way to be together. Dear little Jaco.

Thank you so much Kez for having that talk with him so he would know whats going on. It breaks my heart to think of him having fear that he will not ever come home. I'm afraid we have a very long road ahead of us but I also believe with all of my heart that he will one day be HOME for good and what a huge celebration that would be. Please continue to pray for Jacques and for the process. We just need to file his I-600 before his next birthday in September which means we HAVE to get the other 3 home soon so we can get an updated home study and move forward. I know it will happen but in the back of my head I hear the clock ticking as he moves closer to his birthday. We love him too much to allow anything to keep us from bringing him home and we've got God on our team so I try very hard not to worry.


The Haiti Lady said...

Are any of the kids Jaco's sibling?
What day in Sept. is his B-day?
All we need to do is file that I-600 up to the DAY he turns 16....come one baby....lets get that thing in!!!

Love ya,

Angela said...

I'm with you LeAnne!!! We have no idea who Jacques family members are as he was abandoned when he was little and does not remember his family so the extra time by adopting a younger sibling is not an option (unless God has another grand plan He has not unveiled yet). We just need to do whatever it takes to file that I-600 in time! No problem... no pressure at all! ;)