Friday, January 18, 2008

What will we do for date 7?

Here are the hints:

* It's a little like combining parts of dates 1 (dinner and dancing), 3 (romantic and on the water), and 6 (dinner)

* We could only do this date on a weekend night

* We have to drive to Newport Beach for this date.

* It requires tickets and reservations

* It is a nightime date

* It is not really in a building or outdoors

Happy guessing!


Beka said...


Love ya,

ange said...


Angela said...

Catalina is an excellent guess! I've never been there so we very seriously considered it as one of our dates but it looks like the stuff we would love to do there is warm weather stuff so we are probably going to hold out for more sunshine.

Beka said...

Must be a dinner cruise then....:-)

Angela said...

Mayyyybeeee ;)

Tim & Sarah said...

a dinner cruise?

Lisa said...

I don't know what Catalina is - I'm a midwesterner... But it's gotta be a dinner cruise. Good thing you have better weather than we do here this week! It's supposed to get down to -30 tonight with wind chill.