Friday, January 25, 2008

It's here! It's here!!!!!!!

Stephanie 12, Lovenie 3, Jude 10, and Jacques 15 (ish)
It's the moment I wait for anxiously at the end of every month... that email that says UPDATE! This was an especially wonderful update to see them all together and looking so happy and healthy. Check it out-- Lovenie weighed in at 22 lbs. She's finally gaining weight. The change in her truly has been nothing at all short of miraculous!!!! I was a little bummed to see that the kids are all in MOI as I was hopeful that they would have moved forward but did not really expect it might happen just yet anyways, so it wasn't a really big let down. Still no news at all about Vilner. I'm pretty sure he has still not yet been brought into the orphanage and as long as they are both safe and eating I am even really grateful for each and every additional day he has with his birth Mom.
Here was what we received in our update for them:

Here we are with the first monthly mail of the new year.
Stephanie: 87 lbs 59 inches.
Jude: 53 lbs & 52 inches.
Lovenie: 22 lbs & 36 inches.
The children are perfectly healthy and beautiful, the picture will help better.
Your dossier is still in MOI.
God Bless you always!!!!!!!
NLL, Reginald
Missing them so much today, but again overwhelmed that God would even bless us in such a big way with these amazing kids. I know we have done nothing to deserve them being a part of our family but am SO grateful that they are!


Beka said...

That is an amazing photo of your beautiful kids! Lovenie looks amazing and she looks healthy! Totally God!!!!!

acceptancewithjoy said...

Angela, This is a wonderful update. I am totally bummed that you are still in MOI. I was told by my coordinator that Dr. B is personally going through the mess at MOI... hopefully we will start seeing everyone moving.

When is Jacques 16th-ish birthday? Oh, Marissa said he was cute and maybe they should hook up. She was totally bummed when I told her you all lived in California. :o)

Angela said...

Haha... that would so totally make Jacques blush! She's gorgeous so I'm sure he would take that as quite the compliment!!

His 16th'ish birthday is Sept. 5th which is the same as the founder of HFC. She gave him her special day to celebrate his on too. SOOOOO sweet. We love it!

Jeff and Tanya said...

Angela- they are so beautiful! We too wish we had gotten the news that we were out of MOI- but nope- not yet. Any more idea on if you are traveling with your friend. I know you are aching to be with your Haitian children! Tanya

Ericka said...

Angela, they all look so great. So stinkin cute!!!!! I know you absolutely can't wait to get your hands on them and love on them, keep us updated on any travel plans.
Keeping you in prayer,