Monday, January 28, 2008

Perfect Storm

A nasty flu bug made it's self known to our family last week. When he finally took his leave of our hospitality we found ourselves facing a much more serious illness: CABIN FEVER! There is only one way to get rid of that so we looked for ways to get out. Dear predicted 100% chance of rain and storms throughout the day. This is when smart people look for indoor plans but you will rarely find us doing what the smart people are doing! So with this forecast we bundled up warmly and off we went to Disneyland! During one of the storms. The boys were under the cover of an awning. We really were not hiding out from the rain but had just arrived at the show we were going to.

We are not scared of a little liquid sunshine!

I tried to quickly capture the boys playing in the rain while everyone else was looking for covering. The man in yellow stepped in front of the camera and I was going to delete it but was too fond of his fashion statement to do it. You can see Kyle bouncing around in the puddles (far right).

During a clear moment- view from the Sun Dial ride at California park.

Another view~ Moments later the rain started up again and we found ourselves trapped at the top of the Sun Dial with the wind blowing the rain in on us. We handled it in good spirits!

Exiting the Sun Dial. Thankfully the storm did not really hit until after we got off. It's cold at the top!

Making our way to Disneyland from California Park

A great catch!

It really was a blast splashing around in the rain. There was a storm that we got caught in that I didn't dare bring the camera out for. It was probably the hardest pelting we've ever been in and it would come and go with no warning. We went there knowing we would be getting wet so it was so fun to watch everyone running out of the park or into buildings while we played around in the downpour. By evening the park had almost totally emptied out AND the rains had cleared considerably. We got in a bunch of rides with no lines. The whole time was a blast and another great day of family memories created.


Tim & Sarah said...

We were blessed to go to Disney in Orlando a few years ago. There was a tropical storm that came through, and it didn't stop us either!!! Hope you all have a ton of fun filled days in the future!

CrashleyRose said...

If I learned anything from spending my teenage years as a disneyland annual passholder (apologies to all the employees we tormented) it is that rainy days are the best days to go to Disneyland. NO LINES~~!!!!! haha looks like your day was fun! thanks for checking in on the blog...just posted a new one today!