Saturday, January 12, 2008

My New Hobby And Friends

Introducing my new friends: The Crocodile, Mouse, Bee, Giraffe, Teddy Bear, and Dog.

For my birthday the boys got me a balloon animal making kit. This may sound like a self serving gift for the kids to give me (and they do get really excited about balloon animals), but I had requested it. It seems like lots of kids (including ours) go all gaga over these things and I wondered "How hard could it really be?" So I got the kit and started practising. Above is a picture of the little critters I made tonight which was just my second night of trying it out. Who knows... Maybe I've got a future in this. ;)

It seems like I somehow manage to be around kids a lot so thought it would be so fun if I could get good at it to break out this new found talent when we are hanging out with some of them. I'm especially looking forward to doing them with the kids of HFC and NLL next time we go to Haiti! The only down side of balloon animals is their very very short life span. :(

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Double O Balloon said...

Great work! and welcome to your new obsession. Come visit my site for some cool creation and see what your future in twisting may have in store.