Friday, January 04, 2008


There it was-- That word staring me in the face. It's bad enough to be feeling like one but the last thing I need is to have it show up in capital letters on the screen of my printer! ;) It's crazy but it seems everything I touch that has anything to do with my DMV forms or Kaiser just CAN'T go smoothly. I called Kaiser once again after finding that the form finally sent to me was the wrong form and had no signature. I was asked to fax in both the form that was supposed to be filled out and the form that was mailed to me. Doesn't sound difficult, right? Well, I decided to make a cover letter and in the cover letter documented what's been more then a year of delays on Kaisers part (counting from when they asked me not to drive until further testing and then canceled my appointments over and over for the testing). Since there has been SO much miscommunication on the Kaiser end I decided that they needed this detailed account so that everyone understands whats happened and why it's getting out of control (I did it in a nice way, I promise!). After I finally get this letter and all the details and dates figured out I tried to print it. Turns out the printer has totally run out of black ink. What now? I tried to find a new ink cartridge and failed (yes, there's that word). I did find one but it was for a different printer and it didn't fit. I thought I might try and be clever and outsmart the printer and took an old ink cartridge that we had not yet recycled thinking that maybe we replaced it when the ink was getting low but not all the way gone. So I popped that one in and waited for it to do it's alignment test or whatever the printer needs to do before it grants me access to it. Well, my plan to outsmart the printer did not work. Turns out we sucked that cartridge dry of ink also and so the screen on the printer pops up the word FAILURE. Because it hit so close to home on my feelings towards this whole process I took it very personally and in my mind found myself arguing back to the printer. "You don't have to tell me-- I know it!" Kind of funny, kind of sad, and a little bit scary when I start yelling at the printer in my mind. All is well... I ended up finding another cartridge that had never been opened (how I missed it the first time I looked I have no idea). So in went the new one and the fax has been sent. Failure? I think not! Well.. okay.. we'll wait to see the results to determine that but I'm sure not taking such abuse from our electronics about it!!! ;)

On a side note: We did end up going to the drive in last night to see National Treasure and Enchanted and they were both great movies! We almost passed on the plan since I was not feeling well but I just drugged up and off we went. We did skip the dinner plans as both food and trying to sit upright at a table had no appeal to me at all. By the end of the night my medicine wore off and I was miserably sick. Today I'm feeling even worse. Before my Dad even has to say it: yeah, yeah... I'll call 1-800- Big- Waaa. I did just get a movie in the mail from Blockbusters that I would like to see, so that's cool! I think I'll use this crummy cold as an excuse to curl up and watch it.

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The Borlase Bunch said...

I sure hope the DMV thing gets figured out and speedy quick too! I can't even imagine how frustrated you are.
And, I am sorry your printer is so nasty to you- perhaps it is time to get a more positive printer!