Thursday, January 03, 2008

Random Birthday Blogging

Today I am one year older. It's not quite the birthday plans we had been planning on for weeks. We had planned on going on Date number 5 of 10 to Six Flags Magic Mountain and riding roller coaster after roller coaster. That is so not happening today! So many factors went into a change of plan but one of them is that we had a major cold front come in and are expecting a storm for the rest of the week. Hmmm.... very cold weather, high winds, rain... roller coasters. Suddenly it didn't sound as fun. Then if that was not enough Johnny is still getting over his month long cough (but he's much better!), AND last night I came down with a cold/flu! We tried to find things indoors to do as a family and that I would physically be up to doing but searched for hours feeling very uncreative about it. Then we found just the thing...

First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone's many phone calls and emails with birthday wishes. It's very sweet of you and I've enjoyed each of them and reminded of all the love I'm surrounded by in my family and friends! My day started with breakfast in bed and then a trip to the spa. Well... actually a trip to the spa room in our house which in my opinion is the best spa around! It will one day be Jacques room but until then- I love having a spa room! After being treated to the best package our home spa offers I got to rest and see if my body could fight off the illness (didn't work but it was nice). I learned that my friend Debbie had dropped by with a present for me (thanks so much Debbie!) and when I opened it I was super excited. At the New Years Party she showed me one of the gifts that she got for Christmas and I thought it was so cool so she got me one for my birthday. It's a digital photo key chain that can hold up to 62 pictures. I've already downloaded a bunch and am thrilled with my new toy!

Tonight's plans, if I'm feeling up to it, is to go to Red Lobster for Lobster Pizza and Coconut Shrimp with the family. Then over to the drive in theater which JUST HAPPENS to have the 2 movies I really want to see showing on the same screen. I was very excited to find that out. It's supposed to be very cold and the rain showers may start tonight so we plan to bundle up extra warm and hope for the best.

I'm anxiously waiting to hear how things went with Vera's appointment with UNICEF to see if they will get involved in helping parents of children with medical needs get passports quicker. Our children's information is on the list of requests. I'm trying to remain hopeful that this may really make a difference. If there were anyone I would want pleading on our behalf with anyone that has the power to get our kids home I would want it to be Vera. I'm in constant amazement at what she can accomplish!


Kathy said...

I don't know Vera but I've been watching her blog and praying that she will be instrumental in getting kids home much, much faster. We have been in IBESR for four months. We have a long way to go!

My birthday is next Monday : )

The Haiti Lady said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 29 again I assume! ;-)
Hope you guys all get well and have a good time together!
Love ya,

ange said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA!!! I am praying Vera has good birthday news for you. I love the photos of the kids that Kez got, what an awesome gift.
Hope ya get feeling better soon. These 'man' colds stink

The Borlase Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Princess! You have a spa in your house? Seriously? :)
I hope your movies were nice and you stayed warm and cozy!
sweet dreams,

ManyBlessings said...

Happy Birthday a day late!! Hoping you got good news from Vera!

Alexandria said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Angela. Happy Birthday to you. Wish I was there to sing it to you. Then again that probably wouldn't be a nice thing to do to you. :) Love you.

Tag you are it...

Ericka said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling great :(, hopefully you're on the mend now.
Praying for Vera - is she a go-getter or what!?
Hugs cutie!
What crazy weather for SoCal - hmmmmm!