Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My World Of Stupidity (?)

Okay.... He knew I was going to blog it the minute the words left his mouth so here it is: Today Jim had a bit of a tough day. He had to leave work on a really inconvenient day and time to deal with an issue through our dear government. He drives nearly an hour to show up for this appointment just to learn that the appointment is actually to stand in a long line to scheduale an appointment! What??? Crazy, right? Seriously, how does our government come up with this stuff and, well... why do we let them get away with it???

So, anyways I felt bad for him that his day went so sour after so much effort to be there. Knowing what it's like to think you are going to be done with something (uhm... adoptions, DMV, HMO) just to learn that they are going to throw something else unexpected at you I say to him "Welcome to my world" and his response... and I'm totally not making this up or changing it... was "The World of Stupidity." In which he got the response "Hey!" from me. I know what he meant but that fact and his bad day didn't stop me for one second from teasing him about those words slipping out of his mouth. ;) Stay tuned to learn if we make it to our 10th anniversary with just 2 days to go!


DotBlogger said...

Open mouth, insert foot.

Alexandria said...

Oh man!! And I'm sure those were some really big feet in his mouth! You were very gracious.

Too bad it can't be "My World of Chocolate"...

Miss you bunches!


The Haiti Lady said...

Ok...I am sorry Jim, but I am sooo laughing at you right now. Not that it is really at your expense, but..it kinda is..hehehe
Love ya,