Saturday, January 12, 2008

White Boy Entertains Us

Kids.... This is your FATHER!!!! Proof that my dear husband does not take himself too seriously. He's so goofy and SO MUCH FUN. He had us cracking up with his great white boy dance moves tonight. The song is from a new CD Jim bought tonight and chatted with the lead singer. He says he was a really cool guy and just happened to be sharing information about Mission trips he's involved with in Haiti and Africa so Jim and him got to chat it up about Haiti. That was pretty cool. The CD is Devo, called & chosen, and the song is Shake It Off. I think we might be able to call it Jim's theme song as nothing really upsets him and he's always able to "shake things off." Heres a whole other side of shaking we had not seen before!

Sorry ladies... this totally slick guy is spoken for. ;)


ange said...

I sure hope those weren't the moves you fell for ten years ago!!!!

What a goof, miss you guys like crazy

Anonymous said...

ooooooo......that white boy can dance! I will be very intresting if he can compete with his Hatian children!


The Haiti Lady said...

HEHEHE...Ange's comment cracked me up! :-P
All I can say is "Go white boy, go white boy, go!"
Love ya,

ange said...

Paul watched, he said "that boy has some moves!" maybe we should get our men together again!!!