Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Do you believe in Miracles?

I sure do! God has answered our prayers and continues to heal Lovenie. When we first learned of her she had just had her stroke at 10 months old. Things sounded pretty bleak for this precious little girl. From what we heard the stroke left her completely physically and mentally disabled as well as blind. Over time her sight came back and at around 2.5 we learned she was WALKING. We really thought she may never walk and had even been looking into wheelchair strollers for her. The day I learned that she was walking I sobbed and sobbed. We were moving back to CA and had a bunch of movers coming in and out of our house and there I sat sobbing and thinking "She can walk, our baby girl can walk!!!". I'm sure the movers thought I was insane and I couldn't care less. Over the last year we began to become very concerned about Lovenie's health in each update picture we received. There were even times that I felt the fear that I would hear that she would not survive long enough to bring her home. When I first met her in April Jim asked me if she seemed as bad off as she looked in the photo's and my response was a very sad "yes". When I looked into her eyes there was a complete blankness. She seemed totally unaware of things going on around her and did not speak, laugh, smile, cry... nothing. I came back and pleaded with you all to pray for her with us and our prayers were answered! I saw her just 2 months later and had I not known better would have thought I was given the wrong child. Her eyes were no longer blank but had a beautiful gleam in them! I saw her smile, laugh, and even cry for the very first time! She even said Mama many times while I was there! As we receive more pictures we continue to get excited and praise God for the miraculous changes in her as her eyes are wide open and she appears to be very alert and healthy. Yes, I believe in miracles and answered prayers. I have a daughter that's proof of them...

This picture may not seem exceptional to many others but make no mistake about it. You are looking right into the face of a miracle. Lovenie is smiling!!! At 3.5 years old we are seeing our very first picture of Lovenie smiling!!!!!!!!
At dinner FEEDING HERSELF with the big kids-- another miracle. She's got her hand around the princess cup we sent her for Christmas. It's sweet to see her with it and yet I feel bad to see all the other kids without one. I wish we could send frilly princess cups to each of these precious little faces.

She no longer looks like a baby and is beginning to look like the little girl she is. While in a way it's sad to see her growing up without being with her, I'm also so very happy to see her looking strong and healthy!

Lovenie with wide open eyes!!

We also got this update from Kez that shows HUGE and positive change in Lovenie's condition:
Your littlest one was so adorable. She is now living with the big kids during the day but still has a crib in the baby room for nights. She eats on her own the big kids and runs around in that hallway like they do. She would see me and run and hide for the first few days, but by the end, she would see me and run to me. One time, without me knowing it, she followed me down the hall and all the way into the girls' room before I realized that she was following me. It was precious


ChatterboxLS. said...

oh, i'm so thrilled for you all & what god's doing in your family - i can't wait to continue to read about all that's going on - be blessed!


Ericka said...

Oh Angela. What a miracle, truly!!!!
Thank you for sharing this, we all need a reminders that God's hand is present.
LOVE the bedrooms!!!!! Too cool!

Beka said...

God is doing great things and I love reading the update on your Lovenie. She is coming home very soon!


Love ya,

Keziah said...

She is ticklish too, Angela. She came running over to me one time and I grabbed her and tickled her. She started laughing and ran away. Laughing! Can you believe it!