Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How will it all work out?

There is so much I'm trying to work out and figure out right now so this will likely be a jumble of thoughts, but sometimes that's very therapeutic... out of my mind onto paper, or, um, computer. The top of the list is missing our kids like crazy. Can you believe it has been almost 7 months since I have seen them? They have managed to get several messages to me recently asking me when I will come and see them again. Since we keep thinking that they will be home any day now I keep having to tell them simply "I don't know." This MIGHT change.... maybe. One of my best friends is bringing home my nieces any day now. Nieces? Best Friend? How does that work? A couple of her children that she has adopted from Haiti are cousins of our children. In order to have children that are cousins someone has to be brothers or sisters, right? Well, we've staked our claim then to be the sisters. This adds a twist to the plan of marrying off Kyle to her daughter but we'll figure that out. Anyways... 3 of my nieces are coming home any day and I've been given the honor of being invited along to bring them home. Airline tickets just happen to be cheaper then I've ever seen them if we go soon. So.... it could happen. My friend will be meeting with the director of IBESR to plead her case to adopt me another niece so I would like to see if I could also get in to see the director as she is the one that decided that we could not start the adoptions of Jacques and Vilner until the other 3 are home (even though the US side has approved us for all 5). I'd like a shot at meeting with her and pleading our case as well. The clock is ticking towards Jacques 16th birthday (making him unadoptable) and if a proposed law gets passed then we may be fine to adopt Jacques if everything is rushed but it will make it impossible for us to adopt Vilner until he is 5. This also means we can not legally provide any support for their birth mom until he is completely adopted... this is not good. We are anxious to start helping to support her until she is able to support herself after the loss of her husband.
Anyways... those are the big things on my mind these days. Throw in teaching the kids, taking care of everyday things, my license, our taxes- we may be able to file for adoption credit this year since they are legally adopted but it's very complicated with them not being home and US citizens yet, and more... and well... these are the kinds of things that leads to such rambling. We should be getting our monthly update from the orphanage any day now and am so hopeful some good news will come along with the photo. Last I heard we are in MOI. Once we exit MOI we will just need the passports to be printed (they will already be approved) and everything else is done so it will be "time". It could be anyday now (which is why I've put off another trip to Haiti) or it could still be several months.


Beka said...

I sense the frustration of the process and the fear that accompanies the unknown! You are in my prayers and I ask especially that you experience peace, my friend!

Love ya,

Alexandria said...

Hey Red,

I can't wait for you chicas to get your kids home as well. I feel anxious myself just reading your posts. I can't imagine being in your shoes. I might be tempted to go over there and kidnap my own children!!

I had to chuckle that we both blogged about Sassy this week. You'll be pleased to know that she turned Isaiah down flat when HE asked her to marry him. Giggle. He announced one day that he was going to marry her, kiss her, and bring her home to jump on the trampoline. Sadly, she wasn't keen on that idea. Maybe it was the fact that Isaiah is still in diapers, eh? He has a bit of a wandering eye because lately he has been saying he wants to marry Carol Ann, the little foster child we provided respite care for. Then today he was back to promising his heart to "Saucy". At this point, I don't care if he wants to marry them BOTH as he has been wearing toy high heels this week...

Missing you,


Anonymous said...

Hoping you get them SOONER than later!!!