Sunday, January 20, 2008

Okay.... You were right!

Looks like we have a 4 way tie in the guessing what we are up to next game. Way to go! You win the same prize we were giving out last time- Nothing except the satisfaction of being right- but you need to figure out how to split that up 4 ways. ;) Good luck with that.

The night was fun before we even left for date 7. Our friends Jim and Debbie came by to drop off their kids to watch ours so we got to hang out with them for a little while. Jim took the above picture of us. I was feeling a bit stressed as the time on the clock ticked away because we had not fed the kids yet and my only pair of nylons didn't just have a run in them but they qualified for a marathon! Jim and Debbie were so good to us. They ran off to get pizza for all the kids, their treat, as an anniversary gift to us. Stress level back down. We stopped by the store for the new pair of nylons and the woman at the cash register comment on how nice we looked and asked where we were headed. Then she gave me the receipt and said "Here is your receipt, although I can't imagine you will have any interest in the coupon on it." I was cracking up when I saw it because it was for baby formula. This wonderful woman assumed we have no kids. LOVED HER!!!!! ;)

We were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures of our gorgeous boat! Some of you that have known me a while know that I used to work as a Wedding and Social events coordinator for the Riverboats in Sacramento. It was one of my favorite jobs for sure. We also had dinner dance cruises so I kind of expected it to be something like the boats I used to work on. I was SO wrong. These boats are WAY more stunning. The staff was super friendly and we could have looked hard and not been able to find a single thing to complain about. Even the price was right as I as an afterthought looked up AAA to see if they have discounts for these cruises and assuming it will be 10% if at all, but to my surprise it is a 25% discount!

At our table. TABLE 10!!!!!! Okay, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and on that very day I was 10 month seizure free. So I posted before leaving that it was a day of celebrating the number 10 and then when we are shown to our table we learn that it is table #10! Am I the only one that gets all excited about this kind of stuff?

This picture shows us after our salads arrived at our table (10). I know this statement will really shock those of you that know us, with us being so shy and all, but we met some really fun people on the boat. The couple at table 9 were great. It was funny because we started chatting with them before even boarding the boat and then their assigned table ended up being the one right next to us. They also happened to be from the same town as us, she knows someone Jim works with, and they are considering buying a home near us. How fun is that? So when she asked about what area of the neighborhood and we told her the main streets we were near the birthday party behind us was just arriving at their table and heard us say the street names and excitedly told us that they and another couple at their table both also live right near us. So we got to meet some neighbors too. It was very cool. The other really fun connection we made that night was with the couple you can just see the backs of at the very far right hand corner of the picture. They were there with a friend visiting from New Zealand. All 3 of them were so much fun to talk to and we even managed to convince them to get on the dance floor for a while and had a nice chat with them later in the night.

The first couple we met, at the table next to us, we could tell right away had a great sense of humor. As the boat took off they grabbed their jackets and went outside. That's when I dared Jim to grab the bucket of the wine bottle they ordered off their table and set it at the end of ours to see how long it would take them to notice and what they would do. I can't believe he did it! When they came back to their table they looked confused and started whispering to each other and looking at our table a lot. Jim and I were trying to eat and stifling our giggles. I finally couldn't take it anymore and we gave it back to them. I think I may have muttered something about trying to talk Jim out of it but I don't think anyone believed me (weird, huh?). They were really good sports about it and he said he was just about to say something to us.

The food was unbelievable!!! Steak with some kind of wonderful sauce and Salmon that melted like butter in your mouth and had the most wonderful flavor. Would you like a bite?

We got delicious Creme brulee for dessert with a cookie and fresh fruit. It was SOOOO good (almost as good as yours, Mom!).

We love to dance but don't get to go out dancing much since we are totally not into the club scene (and music) anymore. But when we do get the right atmosphere to dance our motto is "1st ones on the floor, last ones off." We saw the birthday party behind us get up to dance first and I asked Jim "Can you believe that? That's our thing!" In which he responded that it didn't count because they were on the carpet and not yet on the dance floor. Our table was right along the dance floor so I stuck my foot on the floor and danced from my chair while eating dessert. So we are convinced we still hold our title! They made an announcement of us and two other couples celebrating anniversaries and invited us onto the dance floor for some slow songs. The last song of the night was "Last Dance". This is the song that was playing the first time we ever danced together and everyone else had left the dance floor so it was a perfect ending to the date. We took up the whole floor (you know...even though we are both really shy and all) and had a blast.

One more fun fact that had me cracking up. Not long after the boat was moving we saw a party trying to take their own picture so I jumped up and went over to offer to take it. As I was giving them the camera back the woman asked me (totally not kidding here) if we were on our Honeymoon!!!! That's 3 times in 7 dates that we were asked that. We are laughing and having lots of fun together but not all mushy in front of people or anything. They must be able to tell that we are having a great time together so we MUST be newly weds! ;) Then when I told them that we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary her husband said to me "No way, he looks way too young" with a nod towards Jim. Which made me laugh even harder since Jim is 4.5 years older then me but I'm sure Jim thanks him.

It really was a perfect 10 of a date! Does anyone have ideas for dates 8,9, and 10? We've still got a few ideas we are considering but some of them seem like they might be too far, or too expensive, or some other reason of considering not doing them. Idea's totally welcomed!!!


Tim & Sarah said...

Wow that sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

OH - how fun!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to celebrate our 10th in April. We are going to Victoria BC and a fabulous spa up there for some massages. Woot Woot! (that will be interesting at 7 months prego) LOL

Keep up the fun and love and "honeymoonin".