Thursday, October 11, 2007

We got an answer

but it's not what we wanted to hear! I knew we would hear some news about our adoption when Jer. 29:11 & 12 came up. It's almost always right before we get good news but sometimes it is before we get bad news-- but we always get news. This time it was NOT the news we wanted. We finally got an answer about where we stand in regards to MOI and our answer is "it should enter MOI within three weeks". We can't think of any reason at all that we are not only not in MOI but would have to wait to enter MOI!

Tonight we are teaching the kids class at our bible study and the lesson is about how Peter was in prison and even chained between two guards to make sure there was no way he could possibly escape...but he did, he miraculously escaped proving that no matter how impossible the situation seems God can totally overcome it. I have such mixed feelings about teaching this tonight. In one way it encourages me in our current situation and in another way it challenges me.


Beka said...

Oh, I am just beyond hurt for you and your children. You have been on my heart so much and you have been in my daily prayer. I will lift you before our Father once again because only He can ease the pain you are feeling. I am so sorry, my friend!

ange said...

MAN !!!!
that is all I can muster for ya.
Did ya get my message? Listen to your voice message on yahoo ;) I love to hastle you

ManyBlessings said...

What?!?!? Oh my...I am so sorry!!! Never saw that one coming...

The Borlase Bunch said...

let's just hope and pray that whoever was relaying the information was mistaken or confused and they really meant to say that you only have 3 weeks before you are out of MOI....hugs to you

The Fry Family said...

Hi, Angela,
I read your blog from time-to-time and just saw this post. Back in April/May, we had to wait a few weeks to get into MOI too. The Immigration office was holding files until MOI would accept more. Maybe the same is happening again. I was surprised and disappointed! But we did get into MOI and we're now just out. I'll pray for you & your family as I remember to.