Monday, October 15, 2007

HFC Has A New Sweetheart!

I am so thrilled to share this news now that it's official and okay to share: Hope For the Children of Haiti (HFC) has a new sweetheart, or at least they will in December! I have been praying for God to send someone to live with and love on the kids and here she is. She is committing one year of living in the orphanage as a dorm sister to the 55 kids. What does this all mean? When the kids are sad they will have someone to talk to and pray with, someone to entertain them, and remind them that they are loved not only by her but by a God who's always loved them. The gift of her being there will likely impact her life and the lives of these kids (who I love SO much) forever! I'm not ashamed to also admit how excited I am about her goal to help keep the kids (including ours) in touch with their parents through emails and sending us pictures of them.
I was honored to meet Bryn on the Adoptive parents mission trip to Haiti just a few months ago, as well as many emails before and after. She was there to meet her soon to be nephews Job and Bernadin. She is so kind and is going to be so loved by the kids!
For those interested in following Bryn's adventure as she prepares to move to Haiti, and while she is there, you can find her blog at . She is also praying for the funds for support while she is in Haiti. To view a letter from Bryn and for details about how you can help:
Please be praying for Bryn and the work God is doing and will do in and through her, and please pray also for the kids at HFC that God will prepare their hearts to welcome her with the kind of love you can always find among the kids of HFC!

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