Sunday, October 07, 2007


Woo Hoo, I'm so excited. The internet connection at HFC had been temporarily cut off so imagine my surprise when I saw an email in my inbox from Jacques!!! I thought I would share this with everyone else that is just waiting to hear from their kids in hopes that it would encourage you too. It sounds from his letter as if they get very little time so keep those letters short and sweet Mom's and friends. ;)

Our letter from Jacques was so sweet. I'm really missing our kids! If we don't hear word soon that it looks like they will be home soon it may be time for another trip to Haiti. Jim's doing our budget now and found that his paycheck was higher then usual. At first we thought it was an error until comparing paycheck stubs and we learned that it was a change in taxes and we get to keep it! What's really cool is we had our brakes fixed on Friday and the extra in his check was about $30 more then what the repair work costs, or as I quickly pointed out... it's also almost to the dollar how much it would cost for a round trip ticket to Haiti... Stay tuned. (Anyone want to go with me???)


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