Sunday, October 28, 2007

Or not :)

Why is it that I ever think I know how anything will go? I posted on Friday our weekend plans but in reality it was totally different. On Friday we headed to Disneyland and it didn't take us long to realize that it was a mistake. California Park had a big Halloween event and both parks were PACKED and the lines were crazy. We went ahead and stayed until close but I think we will avoid it until after Halloween. Saturday I was just totally beat from all we've been doing and I've been feeling the need for a break from the kids. I love them lots but kids 24/7 will start to get to even the strongest woman! So my amazing husband took the kids to a party Saturday afternoon and I got to stay in PJ's and watch girl flicks in a quiet house. It was SO great!

Today I got some more alone girly time when Jim dropped me off at a salon where I got a fun make over and got to chill without the kiddo's. We managed to make it to another get together and had a great time there. It did end on a bit of a bad note though when Jim suddenly started having bad chest pains. By the time we left he was in a lot of pain and having a little trouble breathing. He's really healthy and athletic so I usually don't have to worry about him at all but he has quite the long family history of heart problems so that is one thing that freaks me out a bit. He's no baby when it comes to pain so when he suggested we head straight to Urgent Care " just to be safe" I started to really worry! They took him right in and did an EKG and it came back fine--- HUGE relief!!! We were at the hospital a couple hours and the results were that he likely strained some muscles when he picked up Luke at the party and twisted at the same time. We'll take it!! So he's up in bed for some down time that he rarely takes or needs. On the bright side he will work at home at least tomorrow and maybe for the next couple days if he needs to, so I'll get to take care of him and see him more.

We didn't make it to the BBQ we were supposed to head to after the get together but we think they'll understand and forgive us.


Vicki Jean said...

Hi Angela,
Regarding Jim and his chest pains, just wanted to give you a couple of things to consider since I have experienced this many times. It could have something to do with the foods he consumed for the day. Two things that can cause similar pains are acid reflux and an overdose of MSG (monosodium glutamate). MSG is in almost everything you eat and especially in fast foods. Look it up on the internet and learn about how bad it is for you and especially kids. I try to stay far away from it as possible. Guess that's why I live in Haiti. Ha!Ha! Just a suggestion.I will keep Jim in my prayers. I think he's just faking so he can get some "boy" time to himself. :)

Angela said...

Hi Vicki Jean,

It's great to hear from you! Thanks for the tips. I have heard of food causing the chest pain but after being checked out the doctor's pretty sure it's pulled muscle. He had just before the pain picked our 4 year old up and twisted awkwardly at the same time--- sure beats a heart attack!!!! :)

After that scare he can have all the boy time he wants...hahaha

Thanks so much for your prayers! Are you getting pretty wet there in Haiti?

Ericka said...

OOh Angela, my hubby has had that too. It's very scary for sure.
I love, love, love those girlie weekends - they are even better when you can watch totally girlie movies or shows. If there's an America's Next Top Model marathon on - BONUS!!!!!!
Enjoy your couple of days together, it's nice having some adult company, huh?

Vicki Jean said...

Okay, so it's not M S G, it's O L D. Glad all is well. We had about three hours of steady rain early this morning. It has been sporadic showers off and on this afternoon but we expect it to continue for a couple of days. I believe that Southern Haiti received most of the rain and flooding. From what I understand, we are not in the clear for TS Noel which may increase and swing back towards the north. I pray that it passes us by without much harm. The rain is coming down hard now as I type. Keep us in your prayers.

Alexandria Henderson. said...

Oh my, I can imagine how scary this must have been for you. I'm glad it wasn't his heart. Hopefully, his muscles will heal quickly. Tell those kids to stop growing!! They are getting to heavy to be picked up, eh? :) We have the same problem with Isaiah. I can barely pick him up these days.

Blessings to you guys!!