Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So. Cal. Fires

Trouble in Paradise

I would like to ask you all to please remember Southern California in your prayers! It's absolutely shocking how many fires are going on and how many homes have been lost. For anyone wondering if we are okay...we are fine. There are a couple fires not too far from us. The closest is in Ontario. I'm not letting the kids play outside because there is just too much smoke to be breathed in but I don't think we will experience anything more then lots of smoke.
I heard on the news that we are having the most evacuations ever experienced by California. It seems as if nearly everything is on fire.
Our first news of all of this was when we were at Disneyland on Sunday. Jim had decided to go back to the car and get some things. He hopped on a tram where he heard a little boy say "Bye Bye Disneyland. We have to go because there is a fire by our house." We could see big clouds of black smoke. We had no idea of the MANY fires going on or that it would be this devastating.


Ericka said...

WOW, incredible pictures. I was just checking in hoping you've updated your blog to let us know how you are doing!
You know, my family is spread out all over California - they are all ok so far also, but all are very nervous.
Am definitely praying here!!!!!

Angelasparent said...


We are praying for So. Cal. for sure. Our College Pastor's family was evacuated from the San Diego area. Love you Sweetie,


The Haiti Lady said...

Very good pictures....is that bad to say? I have watched it on the news...so sad.
Love ya,