Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Early Christmas Gifts

My favorite kind of gift is an early gift and this so far is one gift we are really excited about. Yesterday we could not keep our secret any longer. I was talking to Jim on the phone and put him on speaker phone and called the boys over. They knew they were getting some kind of early Christmas gift but didn't know when or what. When Jim told them they are going to Disneyland tomorrow (now today) they lost it. Yelling, screaming, running around. Totally wigging out (they have been just once and clearly they loved it). THEN when Jim told them that we were not going just one time but getting special tickets so that we can go again and again...OH MAN..the crowd went wild. Jim asked me if I was sure we had three kids and not twenty because of all the yelling, laughing, and screaming! We are so excited about finally doing this. We agreed before we moved here that we would get passes but have not been able to afford it. We still could use the money for other things but figure this to likely be our last year in Southern CA so it's kind of now or never. So Christmas morning there may not be presents to unwrap but we will be having a year that we will NEVER forget I'm sure. We plan to get Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie their tickets after they are home and ready for it.
So... While you are reading this we will be whooping it up at DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!

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BethPie said...

Oh, what fun!! We live near Orlando and had Disney passes for a year. We didn't renew because they expired around the time we began our adoption. We'll save up again, though, and get them once our little guy is home & settled. Hope you all had a wonderful day!