Saturday, October 20, 2007

Totally Spoiled

We are having a fantastic weekend of being totally spoiled. It started last night at a friends house for a game night and being stuffed with treats. Then today we spent all day at the park for Jim's work's Company Picnic. From the moment we got there they began spoiling us. The kids each got a cooler/lunch sack filled with presents and candy. They had a big bouncy house, slide, and many games. We came home with a bunch of prizes. First thing won was from a raffle and Luke won a brand new shiny red bike which he gave to Johnny (because it was big) with the promise of getting Johnny's littler bike that he won at last years picnic. :) Then Kyle played a game and beat all the other kids winning a SpongeBob Operation game (which was later traded with another kid for Battleship). I won at Bingo winning us a 5 disc CD player, And we won 3 more times at the raffle drawings (!!!) so Kyle also got a cool kids digital camera, Jim got a cordless drill, and Luke got a Surf's Up gift set (which was traded for a very cool Thomas toy). On top of all of that we had unlimited food and drinks all day including as much ice cream as we wanted (how happy the kids were). Then on the way home we checked the mail and there was a surprise envelope from my Mom. She's always sending us thoughtful and unexpected presents. The boys were thrilled over their 4 foot long balloons (Thanks Mom!) and I got a cute magnet about Mom's of boys.

Sound like a full weekend? We are just getting started. Tomorrow --bright and early we will be heading to Disneyland again. Life is good!


Lisa said...

I've been having problems tonight with blogger letting me post pictures too. Sounds like you had an awesome day!

ange said...

I see power tools, please tell me you aren't going to be using those la.

The Borlase Bunch said...

Oh my goodness- look at the loot!!

And congrats on the dl.... you won't know what to do with yourself! Where will you drive first????