Thursday, October 25, 2007

Venus and Mars Vote

Men and women certainly speak two different languages don't they? We've got a little debate going on here at home that I would like your votes on (I'm counting on winning since most of my blog visitors are women!). My Dad called yesterday and I was giving him a hard time about the comment he left about my driving. He said if I get my license again he is glad he lives in Northern CA not Southern near me. Okay, in all's possible I may have added my "signature" to a few of their precious vehicles as a teen. Maybe I drove in to the side of the garage once or twice, and maybe I backed in to another car. It's really all about the practise, right?

Well, before I talked to my Dad on the phone he talked to Jim first and made a comment about it and Jim's response was "Our vehicles are not in that great of shape anyways!" What???? What kind of response is that? In the 10 years I've been with my husband I have not been in any accidents... not even close to one! Wouldn't a nicer response be along the lines of "She's a great driver." ?

Okay so the debate--- My Dad insists that what Jim said was a compliment. Does anyone else see a compliment in there somewhere? No need to worry. No one is really fighting and I find the whole thing quite comical. I did give Jim a bit of a hard time about his response because when my Dad told me he said it I accused my Dad of trying to start up trouble (public apology to my Dad) just to find out after hanging up that Jim really did say that.

Help me out ladies.... Do I just not know how to take a compliment as my Dad insists or are the men in our lives just REALLY nuts?


Beka said...

I am with you, my friend! I think our men are just plain nuts....sweet and irresistable but nuts!

Love ya,

The Haiti Lady said...

Men are nuts...They probably THOUGHT it was a compliment...ok...they KNEW it wasn't and said it anyway.hehehe
Love ya,

danellejoy said...

OK let me think about really like their vehicles...and he is trying to help you not get too uptight about driving after these many months of Not driving, so he wants you to know that your happiness is more important to him than having a car without a dent?...I'm trying really hard to figure this out! But I don't know why...I rarely get it right with my own hubby...what makes me think I can help someone else out!? =) Our men really are different sort of thinkers, but I'm so thankful for the ones in my life!
Thanks for the fun!

Alexandria Henderson. said...

Hmmm... they should come with translation manuals, eh? He said this but meant that? :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cent's worth:

It was a nice way to tell your Dad that he (Jim) wasn't worried about you getting your driver's license back. He wasn't worried about you denting the cars --- he was just trying to reassure your dad.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Linda's comment. It was a very nice thing I (I mean he) said, and should be taken with the utmost love and appreciation for which I'm sure it was intended.

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Jim... you don't get a vote! ;)

Linda-- Way to stick up for him! It's hard to get anyone that has met Jim to believe that it could have anything other then the kindest motives. I guess that's a good problem to have.