Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The San Diego Zoo

Monday we spent at the San Diego Zoo. Sound fun? I guess it is for most people. Not for me... I do not like going to the zoo. Jim and Kyle enjoyed it and Johnny and Luke thought it was okay but got bored with it pretty fast. We stopped for a picnic lunch around 1:00 and me, Luke, and Johnny had more then we cared to see for one day at a zoo so we ran around together at the park and just going through the kids zoo while Jim and Kyle went quickly through the rest of the zoo.
From now on we have agreed that Jim will take the kids that want to go and I'll do something else with the younger kids. Works for me! ;)


ManyBlessings said...

I had to laugh about you not liking the zoo. I make the exact same comment when one of the kids choses Gigglebees (like Chucky Cheese) for their birthday. Can't stand the place, but I make nice for their sake. Ugh. LOL!

The Tacheny's said...

Awww Angela...I am sorry for you. You just don't understand the joy you are missing you on. The zoo if my favorite place in the world. My parents took me there for my 18th birthday! LOL
And I take my kids there as often as we can go! hehehe