Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adoptions that have fallen through

I'm so sad to share that in the last month 3 teen girls who were once told they were being adopted were told that the family that committed to them would not be completing the adoptions. I'm so sad for them. I think it is important that those of us parents that are adopting from HFC know this because it it sure to cause concern among the other teens that we might change our minds about them as well. This would be a great time to do whatever it takes to get word to them of our love for them and now equally important-- our commitment to them. I can't imagine being in their shoes waiting all of their lives for a family, finally believing they have one, and then going back to not having a family again. Please pray for them. Also very concerning is their age. If they do not find families again by the time they are 16 they will no longer be adoptable. You may not think this would matter to a bunch of teenagers... but it really really matters. Most of them long so much for a family and fear that 16th birthday when they will no longer have a chance for one.

The first teen told she would not be adopted was Daina. She was told she had one to adopt her and it fell through in the same week. However, the more recent two are Debbie and Lovely and if I understand correctly they have known they were in the process of being adopted for a long time before it "fell through". PLEASE be praying for all of them, and for the teens that now question if those of us adopting them will follow through, and for the children who have never received the news that they have a family that wants them.

For more information about Debbie and Lovely you can see pictures and information for them at: . I struggle to understand how anyone could commit to a child (especially one old enough to understand) and then just drop the adoption. It is unimaginable to me. Jim and I have even made plans so that if one of us were to die the other would continue on with every adoption we've committed to. However, good can come from this... Lovenie became our child when her originally adopting family made the decision to drop their adoption of her after she had her stroke and was no longer healthy. Because of this she will be our precious daughter and she led us to 4 other children we can't wait to have home as well!!! Please pray with me that God would make something really beautiful out of what has happened to these teens also.


Julie@Shanan Trail said...

Angela thank you for sharing this. I certainly will pray for these girls ~ it is certainly hard to give up on a dream.

I have been praying about adding more too, but doubt I could get Ron to consider a girl. Marissa is being such a teenage girl lately ~ mood swings, PMS, boys calling. Ron is nearly ready to have a heart attack.

ange said...

I know of the family that was to adopt Lovely and Debbie, they are wonderful loving people. I pray for them as well as they were so very excited to have these girls part of their family.