Friday, October 12, 2007

Let the Good Times Roll

The boys in the tree tunnel
Kyle and Johnny loved the tire zipline in the Brother Bear playarea

Kyle in far left swing, Me and Johnny in front on the Jellyfish ride (Johnny did not like it so much)

Johnny and Kyle go round and round

The boys on Family Favorite ride: It's a Small World
Jim and Luke flying high on the Peter Pan ride

Our first day at Disneyland was wonderful and we are so excited that we will get to go again and again. But why let that be the only fun we have all week? Last night we taught the kids class at bible study and had such a blast with the kids (such a great group!) and then got to eat and fellowship with our grown up friends afterwards too. Today a friend is picking us up and taking us to a school carnival with their family. Jim will meet us there after work and bring us home and then the kids are having their best buddy over for a sleepover. Tomorrow Jim is going to a men's conference tomorrow during the first half of the day. If we still have the energy we may go to a neighborhood Fall Festival. Sunday we are headed back to Disneyland and this time with fun friends that also have passes! At some point we need to do something sensible like... Oh, I don't know... maybe grocery shopping... We are out of EVERYTHING. Today for breakfast and lunch with the kids I'll just teach them the Mother Hubbard rhyme!

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